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The Mystic Vision

by Andrew Harvey and Anne Baring

Godsfield Press UK and HarperSanFrancisco 1995

The mystics tell us that life is Divine, that we, in this
dimension, are in the eternal embrace of the Divine...




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Daily Encounters with the Divine

Andrew Harvey and I gathered together the texts from different mystical traditions, East and West, that we had cherished for many years. In the form of a Day Book, these were published in 1995 by Godsfield Press in the UK and HarperSanFrancisco in the United States. It is now out of print but is still obtainable on the internet through Amazon and abe books. The description on the back cover reads:

"This anthology, as precious as a Book of Hours, is the fruit of our search for the quintessence of the mystic vision and the mystic experience. It offers a treasury of texts for contemplation, chosen from the great religious traditions of the world, which invite the reader to open his or her heart to the Divine Presence on every day of the year. The words are beautifully complemented by a wealth of illustrations."-


"The Wave" 1975,
© Robin Baring


The mystics come back to us from an encounter with life's most august secret, as Mary came running from the tomb; filled with amazing tidings which they can hardly tell. We, longing for some assurance, and seeing their radiant faces, urge them to pass on their revelation if they can…
                                                                                                  -Evelyn Underhill, 'Mysticism'

-All mystics speak the same language, for they come from the same country. ----
                                                                                                 Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin

The mystics tell us that life is Divine, that we, in this dimension, are in the eternal embrace of the Divine. They show us that our sole purpose in life is to open our heart to this Divine Presence, to know it and love it as the essence and ground of our own lives and as the life of every creature and every aspect of creation. They invite us to recognize its longing to be known in our own longing for relationship with what seems so far from us yet is closer to us than our breathing. Ruysbroeck expressed this with perfect clarity:

When love has carried us above all things…we receive in peace the Incomprehensible Light, enfolding us and penetrating us. What is this Light, if it be not a contemplation of the Infinite, and an intuition of Eternity? We behold that which we are, and we are that which we behold; because our being, without losing anything of its own personality, is united with the Divine Truth.

Ramakrishna said that the sensitive mother cooks fish differently for each of her hungry children - plain and bland for one, rich and spicy for the other. In exactly the same way, the Mother of the Universe reveals various spiritual approaches to the Divine. Whether you follow the idea of a personal God or the impersonal Truth, Ramakrishna said, you will certainly realize the One Reality, provided that you experience passionate longing for it.
----- There are an infinite number of perspectives and each one of them is a path to God. Each individual is unique and follows a unique path. With the longing to discover it, the way unfolds in the rhythm of the life of each separate being. Forcing the pace can block the opening of the heart. Each one of us will know the flowering of consciousness as it returns to the Source or Ground of Being. As Ramakrishna said, some will receive their meal early in the morning, others at noon, still others not until evening. But none will go hungry. Without exception, all living beings will eventually know their own true nature to be the Great Light.
----- The Alchemists knew their work of transmuting the base metal of ignorance and separation into the gold of union would best be done gently, patiently and with great delicacy. As the windows of the heart are opened, the light pours in, revealing what was previously shrouded in darkness. Insight, wisdom, compassion grow with the experience of communion with the Divine.
----- In this book, we have gathered together from many different cultures, past and present, the magical, quickening words which guide and help us on our own journey of transformation. They transmit the vision of those women and men who discovered within themselves the quintessential treasure of the Divine. In a time as dark as ours they inspire and ennoble us all, giving us the hope, courage and strength to follow them into the heart of life.
----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Anne Baring and Andrew Harvey -----


Review of The Mysic Vision---

Like a Palestrina Mass made visible, this beautiful Day Book takes the reader into the highest and deepest reaches of the Spirit…Magnificent color reproductions of many of the world's most sacred painting, sculptures, and icons are interspersed with exquisite readings from mystics of the East and West over the last four millennia.
----- Chapter introductions and titles flow with the same great music as do the daily entries, announcing quite accurately the loveliness to come: "The Flute of the Infinite, the Spirit;" "Worldless Mysteries;" "The Heart is Nothing but the Sea of Light" - and nine others.

----- The entry for January 31st, from Rumi, is typically lovely:

-----Fly away, fly away bird to your native home, ---------
________You have leapt free of the cage
-----Your wings are flung back in the wind of God.
----- -----Leave behind the stagnant and marshy waters,
---- ------Hurry, hurry, hurry, O bird, to the source of life!

----- For December 9th, there is a glorious message from Tukaram:

----- -----Deep has called unto deep
-----And all things have vanished
----- -----Into unity.
----- -----The waves and the ocean have
-----Become one.
-----Nothing can come,
-----and nothing can now pass away.

Andrew Harvey and Anne Baring, a Jungian analyst, have created a book that enables the reader to contemplate God.It leaves me wondering what kind of a transformation would occur in ourselves and in the world if for just one year we all began our day by spending ten minutes with The Mystic Vision of reality. It seems likely that we would deepen in love and more consciously combat evil, more fully serving God's purpose for creation.

MPG , Fellowship in Prayer-----

The world rights (except for Sweden) have now reverted to the authors.

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