Channeled Messages
and a Warning to us all


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Channeled Messages and a Warning to us all

copyright©Anne Baring

I have waited until the last years of my life and the publication of my book, The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul, before putting these extracts from a long series of channeled messages into the public domain. I did not feel the time was right, nor did I feel mature enough to take on the responsibility of making them available to a wider public. But I feel that now, in 2013, the time is right because the need for a transformation of our understanding of life grows ever more urgent.

In the middle of the Second World War (1943), a series of messages were communicated through automatic writing to a group of four women who were then living in America, exiled from Europe by the war. One of them was my mother who was thirty-seven at the time. I was not part of the group but knew about the messages from the age of eleven.

The initial messages warned of a catastrophe that could suddenly and without warning befall the Earth unless humanity woke up to the fact that it was way off course, out of alignment with the Cosmos, blindly following a path that could lead to disaster.

The messages continued to be received over the next twenty years, whenever my mother and her friend who did the actual writing could meet. Of the remaining women, one died and the other gradually lost touch as the distance between them was too great. My mother and her friend were asked to pass on to the world the warnings and the teachings they had received but did not know how to do so. They were frightened of believing themselves to be messengers when they knew they were not prepared for such a role. They could see no way in which the messages they had received could “fit” with their everyday lives and no way in which they could immediately rise to their level or even share them with friends. So they kept them to themselves. I inherited the notebooks containing these messages and the world has changed sufficiently in the last 50 years (most importantly through the coming of the Internet) for me to be able to put some of them into the public domain. I am posting them on this website as an urgent warning to humanity.


I have recently read a book by Graham Hancock called Magicians of the Gods that describes the scientific evidence gathered over the last seven years (since 2007) and published in scientific journals (The Journal of Geology, September 2014, among others) that the Earth was hit by the multiple fragments of a disintegrating giant comet that entered the solar system from deep space around 12,800 years ago (10,800 BC). The largest of these fragments plunged into the huge ice-covered area known as the Laurentide and Cordilleran Ice Sheets which at that time covered Canada and part of North America, immediately melting the ice sheets and causing catastrophic floods which devastated life in the northern hemisphere. Another fragment hit the northern European ice-cap. The impacts of at least 8 of these fragments, up to a mile wide and approaching the Earth at more than 60,000 miles an hour, generated huge amounts of heat which instantly liquidised millions of square kilometres of ice, destabilising the Earth's crust and causing the global deluge that is recorded in myths from different parts of the world as "The Great Flood". It also caused a freezing "Dark Age" of a thousand or so years known as the Younger Dryas Period when little in the way of food could grow and people were forced to build underground shelters to survive the bitter cold. Nothing of this nature is known to have impacted the Earth since the extinction of the dinosaurs caused by a giant asteroid hitting the area of the Gulf of Mexico 65 million years ago.

The first impact has now been confirmed in 2017 from another source:

There was a second series of impacts around 11,600 years ago (9,600 BC) that were equally devastating and caused further cataclysmic flooding. This time, the comet fragments fell into the oceans, causing the submergence of vast areas of land in different parts of the world, including the area which once surrounded what is now Indonesia and Malaysia. This second catastrophe affected a huge area in the western hemisphere, spanning 50 million square kilometres, devastating the whole of Europe and North America and extending as far south as Columbia in South America and as far east as the Caspian Sea, and including in its reach Turkey and Syria in the eastern Mediterranean. It was this one to which Plato referred, having heard about it from Solon who learnt of it from the Egyptian priests. No wonder we have inherited the myth of the Fall of Man and our expulsion from a Garden of Eden. We can now see this myth in a totally new light. It has taken us 10,000 years to recover from these two global cataclysms and, as Plato put it, “to begin again like children with no memory of what went before.” It is hardly surprising that fear is held deep in our unconscious memory.

A few individuals from an advanced pre-Flood civilisation, forewarned (like the Biblical Noah) of what was coming, travelled in ships to places that were beyond the reach of the floods. Mentioned in different accounts of the Great Flood from different parts of the world, they were described as Sages, Magicians, Teachers — even gods — "The Shining Ones". Landing in Egypt, Mexico and Peru as well as reaching Turkey, Lebanon and, further East, Sumer, they taught people how to build underground shelters (recently discovered in Turkey), how to grow grain, how to erect huge structures with enormous stones, how to work metals, how to recreate the template of a drowned civilisation. So much was utterly destroyed, yet there were enough survivors to begin again.

Because Graham Hancock has for decades studied astronomy and geology, looking for evidence of the survival of a great civilisation that existed before the Flood, he has been able to read the astronomical signs, both in Egypt and at a recently excavated site in eastern Turkey called Gobekli-Tepe, that warn humanity of the return of the comet, or remaining fragments of it, in our time. Are we able to prevent this catastrophe happening? We have developed the technological ability to destroy these fragments before they hit the Earth. Perhaps NASA should be focussing on this rather than on reaching Mars! We also have the ability – admittedly against huge resistance – to bring ourselves back into alignment with the Cosmos, to change course, to stop slaughtering each other, to get rid of our weapons of mass destruction, to look after the poor, raise the status of women and, above all, serve the Earth, rather than our own national or personal interests. It is a huge demand, yet not beyond our ability to respond. So, with this preamble, which I have added on the 14th of October, 2015, I can return to the messages which, I now see, are completely relevant to the above.


The messages began in this way: One afternoon, the four women met to talk about the war in Europe. Suddenly one of the windows, which were closed because it was winter, blew open with a crash of thunder and a wind filled the room. Lightning flickered all round them although there was no storm. They felt an invisible presence in the room. One of them fell on her knees and laid her head on the lap of this invisible presence. Weeping, she asked what they could do to help the world. The answer came in writing: “Follow your heart.”  They asked when they should pray and the answer came: “Pray at the hour of the despair of the Son of Man.” Should they pray in church? “Your church is your immortal soul.”
Over the next 20 years, they continued and extracts from them are given here:

“There are periods which seem to last forever. These are periods of incubation; everything is waiting; although the dice have been thrown, the pieces have not been moved.  Man is on the threshold of his greatest trial since the day of My coming. This is the time when My teaching has to be fully understood. Humanity has lived for two thousand years in a state of adolescence.  Now it must become adult or sink into general criminality that will bring chaos, confusion and, finally, destruction. If humanity chooses adulthood and responsibility to life, it will have the millennium of peace and happiness and Earth will join the circle of planets which have already completed their evolution.

“Everywhere on this planet the call has gone out. From far distant realms in the universe come Great Beings to your poor benighted planet to stand with the children of the Light in their effort to overthrow the tyranny of evil once and for all so that never again shall it overpower the world. If enough people stand with the Light when the darkness would engulf it, then with this help from the Cosmos, you will succeed in overcoming the darkness but there is a danger that many will be intimidated into weak compromise or indifference. You need to become as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves.

“The breaking up of the established churches is but a question of time and will be accomplished partly by their inability to satisfy the spiritual needs of man and partly by the atheists who will play a greater and greater part in world events. Harmony must be found at every level as Man can no longer survive the disintegration of his psyche caused by his own destructive civilization. Only those who have reached an inner harmony between their knowledge and their intuition, their thoughts and their actions; those who are able to listen to and accept the guidance of their heart, will be given the strength and the knowledge to help their fellow men. It is through the intuition of the weak that the Light will be found again, not through the will of the strong.

“You must find your way to the Holy Mountain [an inner state] and there prepare the teaching of the New Age when all religions will become one religion. From the centre within yourself you must radiate outward in ever growing strength until your sphere of influence has spread to include many longing and searching souls. But before this ideal is attained, the centre of yourself must be cared for and made strong. The stronger your centre, the further will the Light spread. You must only teach what you know and understand. Those who are dedicated to assisting the incarnation of heavenly things in time and space must give great love and care to the vehicle the soul works with—the body. Strengthen it by every means possible to carry the weight of the spirit.

“Man has progressed in his intelligence and his mastery of the mental instrument, but his wisdom and love have not progressed to the same extent. He is as the labourer who knew how to sow but who has forgotten to put in the living seed so that when harvest comes his fields are barren and he suffers the pangs of hunger. Today man is truly hungry for what he lost since the words of My apostles died in the rituals of indifference and the greed of those who used My Church to serve Caesar instead of God. The result is the destruction and suffering you are witnessing today.

“Only when men learn not to shed their brother’s blood can the House of God be built on its true foundations. Either you awaken now to spiritual life or you become diseased and more or less insane. Wake up to your immortal soul or it will be taken away from you for you must know that souls can be taken away from unworthy carriers.

“Humanity in its majority is still thinking in terms of the past; that is why it cannot cope with the present and still less with the future. Verily, verily I say unto you, do not mind the temptations and seeds of the past but look up at the stars and wait for the vision that will entrance your sight and make your spirit tremble with a shaking joy.

“The Divine Mother is the Holy Spirit who presides over the New Age. Inspired by her, women, through their love and understanding, have been given the task of awakening in humanity the compassion and devotion to life taught by Me at the beginning of the Piscean Age. Man through woman will realize in himself the sense of his mission on earth and see clearly as in a mirror, the law of the universe. When that time comes, the secrets of Nature will be understood.

“Do not offend Nature. Do not offend God by tampering with the laws of Nature, trying to bend them to your destructive purposes. Every act of a human being must be judged according to the rule: Does it offend Nature?  Does it offend God?  Does it injure Life? 

“If man uses his control of Nature for love and for blessing, this Aquarian Age will be the fulfilment of My coming. The universe is changing and the rays which strike your planet are now potent with the power either to create or destroy. The choice is man’s: will he choose to be the Son or the Rebel?

“We may witness another catastrophe unless we call on the Divine Mother to help us to receive the influx of power coming with the New Age. There will be crisis after crisis that will completely upset the human mind and split the frame of civilization. The wanton thirst to kill will be roused more and more. For no logical reason blood is being shed and more will follow. Pray that you be given the strength to resist the madness that will be the fourth horseman of these times.

“There will be greater and more terrible discoveries than the splitting of the atom.  More devastating weapons are being worked upon in secret, weapons so powerful that they can reverse the laws of Nature. Already you see the results around you of man’s presumptuous endeavour to use the elements of matter, not for beneficial purposes but to destroy life. Destructive energy emanates from places where scientists are working to develop new weapons. This energy affects human bodies and human minds, creating split psyches which are the equivalent on the human plane of what the splitting of energy is on the cosmic plane. There is a danger of collective insanity.

“If you mix the waters of knowledge with the thought of destruction, destruction will come. The control of Nature now nearly acquired can be used for love and blessing or for malediction and hate.

“The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Hydrogen where hydrogen may mean the destruction of this planet or its transformation into the true Elysium. It would be better for those of this generation never to have been born, than having been born, not to become fully awakened to the moral responsibility of this dangerous yet promise-fulfilling age.

“You must be aware of the danger to the waters of the world created by atomic explosions. (1) The Holy Mother weeps over the profanation and pollution of her healing waters. Her tears fall as crystals on your souls, striving to awaken them to the understanding of the great threat to Nature caused by these explosions. Listen to the despairing voice of your Mother, the Earth. Only by the raising of your consciousness to the realization of the oneness of life can you escape destruction and acquire the wisdom rightly to use the power that your intelligence has given you over Nature. Scientific knowledge must be raised to the level of this realization. Blessed are those who see behind and beyond the veils of separateness to the Divine Unity of all life.

“You are all meant to work for unity and understanding. You can, by concentration, meditation and the humility of prayer, learn to use the force of blessing in your words, your gestures, your writings, your approach to other human beings and to all other species. All the great prophets have been heralding the moment which is truly the moment of judgement of which I spoke to My disciples at the beginning of this cycle.

“Verily, verily I say unto you, receive My blessings, receive My Dove, because now unity has to become the law of the earth and those who respect it and make it their own will enter with me the Kingdom of Heaven. The others will be thrown to the bottom of the evolutionary ladder and will have to start again from the animal kingdom. There is no place for half men or sleeping men any more. Either you are a full man or you are no man at all.

“The Plan is now to melt East and West to achieve the cosmic union which is the purpose of the age we have entered: the liberation of the Universal with the redemption of the individual. The balance is one of the most difficult balances to achieve and yet it is so written in the Book of the Law—that now is the time; otherwise the alternative is total destruction and annihilation for the planet which has denied its teachers.

“My death and resurrection were meant to help man to realize his lasting power to survive death and to achieve his salvation through devotion to his fellow men. It is necessary for man to know there is no death for the soul.

“Think often of the Source. Feel the presence of it. Think of its messengers and the amplifiers of the message. Learn to express in your own time and space what is eternal, indivisible and holy. You should no more lead an ill-fitted life than wear an ill-fitting garment. Learn to divide your time between the duties of your daily life and those of your inner self and give them your undivided attention.

“Create gardens to protect the purity of nature from all destructive rays. Protect the birds. Tell other people about angels. Make the stars weep for joy. Your channels can be blocked through grief and doubt. Throw doubt away in the name of Christ. Build a wall of light around you when you paint, speak or write. Do not try to sort out the threads of your many lives. You will waste your time. Concentrate on the thread you are spinning now. We do the tapestry. Give us good thread.

“All systems and techniques are imperfect because, even if divinely inspired, they can only present a portion of the truth. It is up to the individual to choose what crutches he needs until he is strong enough to throw them away and communicate directly with the invisible helpers who are sent down to help those souls who are ready to enter consciously into a higher plane of existence.

“A human soul is like an instrument. It is tuned or it rings flat. You do not know how precious are, in the eyes of the Son, the souls He can use to orchestrate the symphony of the universe.

“Keep knocking and gently, very gently the door will open so that you will have time to prepare and bear the radiance of the vision that will fill your mind with the realization of the immortal truth. Each day, each minute is a preparation. Only through awareness and longing from you to Me can I bring you the blessing of the millennium.

“The only miracle and what is called grace is the opening up of a direct channel to the Higher Spheres: an experience that can be compared in the material world to an explosion. Only on the right note and with the right gesture can the channel be opened and the door glide into place to reveal the inner Temple.

“Do not despair over your lack of achievement. It only needs a few years, days or hours of complete realization and service in one incarnation to make worthwhile the eternal spiral and your arduous way back to the heavenly spheres. When the light comes, it is all the more luminous because of the darkness that has gone before.  Keep vigil with us who walk with you at night until at last we may meet in the creativity of contemplation incarnated in deeds.”

. There have been 2053 nuclear explosions between 1945 and 1998:
USA 1032; USSR 715; France 210; GB 45; others 53

painting: "The Wave" by Robin Baring

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