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A Website for the Awakening of the Soul

There is in all human beings a secret, personal life,

often hidden from the community.
It is this sensitive life which my website
has been created to feed and sustain,
this life that lives deep within each person
waiting to be recognised and called forth.

"There is an almost sensual longing for communion with others with a larger vision. The immense fulfilment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness,
has a quality impossible to describe."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul

"Anne Baring’s magnum opus, twenty years in the making, is one of the publishing events of the year: brilliant, profound and magisterial in its scope..."

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Interviews with Andrew Harvey
"A New Vision of Reality"
"A Woman of Vision"


The question now before the human species is whether life or death will prevail on the earth…No generation before ours has held the life and death of its species in its hands…In our present-day world, in the councils where the decisions are made, there is no one to speak for man and for the earth, although both are threatened with annihilation... Because everything we do and everything we are is in jeopardy, and because the peril is immediate and unremitting, every person is the right person to act and every moment is the right moment to begin.
                                                           Jonathan Schell, The Fate of the Earth

This website is devoted to the affirmation of a new vision of reality and to the exploration of the deeper issues facing us at this crucial time of choice. I would like it to be a sanctuary for the heart: a place of reconnection and healing for mind, body and soul; a focus for the emerging values that reflect our responsibility towards life, each other and the planet as a whole. I believe that the new epoch we are entering will see the emergence of:

A new understanding of spirit
A new understanding of nature
A new understanding of ourselves

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The Mystic Vision
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The Divine Feminine
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